7 Tips for Designing Holiday Cards

Professionally printed holiday cards for your business or industry

7 Tips for Designing Holiday Cards

The holiday season is almost here, so it’s time to prepare for the craziness that is sure to ensue. One task that people and businesses tend to stress about is sending out their holiday greeting cards. What should they look like? Where should we get them printed? When should we send them? These are but a few of the questions that buzz around in everyone’s minds whenever holiday cards are mentioned. We want to help alleviate some of that stress by providing you with some tips for designing holiday greeting cards.

1. Start Designing Holiday Cards Early

Once the holiday season is here in full force, your to-do list will be brimming with holiday tasks. Designing your holiday greeting cards is one item on your list that you can easily check off early. Although it does not typically take long to design a holiday greeting card, you want to allow extra time to get it done before the holidays arrive. This will give your business plenty of time to get the holiday cards designed and printed before the deadline to send them.

2. Don’t Ditch Print

Because we live in the digital age, it can be tempting to forgo printing and instead send digital holiday cards. However, the impact of receiving a physical greeting card cannot be replicated in an electronic substitute. Many of us don’t even read a lot of the emails we receive. A physical holiday greeting card is more likely to be read and will allow your business to create a personal and meaningful connection with its recipients. People want to know that you took time out of your schedule to personally mail them a holiday card.

3. Stay True to Your Brand

Your customers should be able to tell who the holiday card is from upon first glance. Incorporate your company’s logo, colors, and fonts. You don’t have to stick to the traditional holiday colors; if you can, create an appealing color scheme with your brand colors. This helps recipients identify who the card is from and create a positive connection to your brand. However, make sure your color choices still project a positive message. If your company colors are too dark, consider adding a pop of holiday color to incorporate some holiday cheer.

4. Make Holiday Cards Personal

A high volume of holiday greeting cards is sent out each year, so make yours stick out from the rest by adding personal touches. It doesn’t take much—just adding the recipient’s name or a small personalized message can let them know you took time to think about them. This can cause your customer to feel a deeper connection to your business, thus improving perceptions of your company and encouraging long-lasting relationships. A personalized envelope will also make the recipient much more likely to actually open it to see your holiday card.

Another way you may wish to add a touch of personalization to a holiday card is by including an employee photo. This typically works best for small businesses or small local branches. Let your company’s personality shine in the photo. If your company culture is fun, then take a fun photo. There are so many ways to get creative with an employee photo, and this is sure to make your company stand out. Be sure, however, to make the photo match the personality of the holiday card and your company. If your company culture is serious, don’t try to take a silly picture, as this will come across as ingenuine and have the opposite effect from what you are trying to achieve. As we explained above, you want to be consistent with your brand, and this includes your holiday photo, too.

5. Keep Your Holiday Card Design Simple

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the novelty of the holidays and want to include images of Santa Claus, snowmen, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in your holiday greeting card. However, the focus of your holiday card design should be your own brand. This is not to say that your holiday cards should be boring or completely devoid of holiday cheer, though. You can incorporate holiday merriment, but make sure the focus is on your company’s brand and not holiday glitter. You want to keep your design clean and professional but still unique. Let your company shine and use holiday imagery to support your company’s message, not detract from it.

6. Send a Gift with Your Holiday Card

If your company is able, consider sending your customers a small gift along with your holiday greeting card. This will really help your business stick out from the rest, and your package is much more likely to be opened because, honestly, who can resist opening a present? The gift can be simple and doesn’t have to be expensive; it’s the gesture of sending a gift that will create a lasting impact in the recipient’s mind. You can send an item with your company’s name printed on it so that the recipient will remember who gave them the gift. If the gift is something the customer can continue to use for a while, then your company’s name will be frequently seen, and they will be more likely to invest further in their relationship with your business.

7. Use Quality Products and Add Finishes

Because your holiday card is representing your company, you want to make sure you use quality paper and printing to ensure the finished product looks professional. The ease of cheap printing is tempting, but the finished product will not present a positive image of your business. High quality paper and printing will make your brand shine and will be more durable, meaning your holiday cards will not get damaged in the mail or upon opening. If you use high quality materials, it is likely that the recipient will associate that high quality with your brand.

Additional finishes can also add to the quality of your holiday greeting card and make it stand out above the rest. Add foil stamping or embossing to make a statement. Custom die cutting can give your holiday cards a unique edge. UV coating will create a beautiful, glossy appearance as well as protect the cards from damage. This will make your recipients see that your company offers high quality and goes above and beyond.

Professional Printer in East Tennessee

Once you have designed your holiday greeting cards, it’s time to send them off for printing. To achieve the best finished product, you’ll want to get your designs printed by a professional printer. Acme Printing is a professional printer in East Tennessee that can print and finish your holiday cards with high quality so that you can leave a lasting impression on your recipients. If you need help designing your holiday greeting cards, our team of experienced graphic designers would love to help you bring your vision to life. Let us relieve some of your holiday stress by helping you get your holiday cards designed and printed on time. Reach out to us online or call us at 423-581-8528 today to get started.

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