From the Walls to the Floors: Complete Office Branding

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From the Walls to the Floors: Complete Office Branding

When you are designing your office space, your focus naturally tends to be on creating a productive work environment that is also welcoming for visitors. A vibrant workplace can boost productivity and pride, but you should also use this as an opportunity to make your office space reflect your company’s brand and culture. For effective office branding, you can incorporate every surface, from the walls to the floors to the windows. Each surface is a blank canvas that is just waiting for an office branding transformation. Find out how you can bring your office space and brand to life with printed graphics.

Using Your Windows for Office Branding

Windows are a unique dynamic for office branding because they are transparent. For this reason, they can be used in a number of different ways that are limited only by your imagination. A simple yet effective way to add your company’s brand to your office is with frosted glass designs. These designs allow your windows to remain semi-transparent while still projecting your brand image. Window graphics can also be very effective. They can feature any of your company’s branding imagery, including logos, slogans, mottos, or any other images that encapsulate who your company is. If you want to decrease visibility into your office space, you can use larger window graphics that cover large areas or even the entire window. Don’t worry about visibility from the inside looking out; most window graphics allow for one-way transparency so that you can enjoy the view without the public looking in at you. Or, you can use small window clings to add small splashes of brand imagery. Whatever your goals are, you can find a way to use your windows to reflect your brand image to those looking at your building.

Office Branding on Your Walls

Your walls are the perfect place to express your company’s brand. You can incorporate images that inspire a positive and productive work environment for your employees as well as images that demonstrate your company’s personality to all visitors, clients, and customers. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to using your walls for office branding. Anything from wall graphics and decals to signs and plaques can help your business express its brand and encourage your desired company culture. You can completely customize your space this way and really make it fit your company’s personality. Use your company’s colors, logos, mottos, or any imagery that reflects your brand and culture. Wall graphics are especially helpful for adding office branding with your walls because you can have anything printed and then adhered to your walls. They are easy to install and can be replaced as frequently as you would like, allowing you to keep your office image fresh. Do you know an inspirational quote or does your company have a motto that you would like to display to keep your employees motivated? A commercial printer can provide custom lettering on wall graphics so that you can display any quote, motto, or slogan anywhere on your office walls.

Let Your Floor Support Your Office Branding

Many people do not realize how powerful office branding images on the floor can be, and they are very easy to implement. You can place non-slip floor graphics on the floor of your office space or on the ground outside your office building. Anything can be printed on these graphics just like on wall graphics, including custom lettering, shapes, and any other imagery that will serve the purpose you need and reflect your company’s brand. The floor of your office space can be your company’s largest blank canvas, so utilize it effectively! Floor decals can guide visitors around your space or provide imagery that showcases your fun company culture. It’s up to you how you want to use floor graphics and decals during your office branding endeavor.

Helpful Office Branding Tips

When you are coming up with your office branding plan, you need to keep in mind that everything should come together to create one cohesive image. You do not want your wall graphics to clash with your floor decals or for your window coverings to distract from the work your company does. Make sure everything works together. All of your imagery should point toward your company’s overall brand concept. This includes all colors, logos, slogans, images, etc. Also, make sure you do not overdo it. You do not want to over-brand your office to the point where it is overbearing or distracting. Work with a designer and commercial printer who have knowledge of design and print best practices for the most effective complete office branding.

Accomplish Your Office Branding Goals with the Help of a Commercial Printer

When you are looking to customize your office space, work with a commercial printer to create your office branding collateral. Using professional printing services will give you higher quality window, wall, and floor graphics. Acme Printing is a trusted commercial printer in East Tennessee with years of professional printing experience. We can help you with all your office branding needs, whether that includes window coverings, wall graphics, floor decals, signs, posters, or any other type of print materials. Whatever you need printed, we can do it. With our professional printing services, you are guaranteed to have high-quality, vibrant prints that will showcase your company’s brand. If you are ready to transform your workspace with office branding, reach out to Acme Printing today at 423-581-8528 or online.

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